Nutrition Delivered By Your Neighbors


In 2020, Civic Champs launched the Helping Hands initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to promote small acts of kindness around the Bloomington community. Now, with emerging technologies, Civic Champs is launching a new pilot project to provide free delivery of groceries for SNAP recipients. The HungerTech Project is an opportunity to provide an intuitive solution to improving access to nutrition.

Fast Facts

Nearly 1/3 of SNAP participants use someone else’s car, walk, bike, or take public transit for their grocery shopping

– U.S. Department of Agriculture

The average SNAP participant travels 3.36 miles to their primary store for food shopping.

– U.S. Department of Agriculture

With 3.36 miles to travel, the average round trip cost with Indiana gas prices is $1.14

– Calculated with the Fuel Cost Calculator


22% of Indiana residents live in food deserts with low access to healthy nutrition. Moreover, in a study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), SNAP participants cited that lack of transportation to grocery stores (19%) and distance to grocery stores (18%) were common barriers to healthy eating. Using technology, HungerTech will enable SNAP benefit recipients to purchase groceries online and receive free delivery of their orders. Our mission is to improve access to nutrition while promoting acts of kindness between neighbors.


Thank you to our community partners. We are proud to work alongside these organizations to help make a difference in the Bloomington community together.


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