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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Payment


Questions Regarding Saftey Concerns

Which service is not free?

All the services provided by Helping Hands are free. But, tasks like grocery delivery will require a payment for the goods.

Can Helping Hands cover the cost of goods or provide financial assistance?

Helping Hands is currently only a service-based assistance organization.

How do I get paid back if I buy groceries or other goods?

Helping Hands does not coordinate payment between our matches. We suggest that you encourage the requester to call the store ahead of time to place their order and handle payment over the phone. Alternately, we strongly suggest that you figure out an electronic method of payment ahead of time to reduce risk of close contact. Make sure to keep your receipt!

How do I know that a Volunteer does not have COVID-19?

When completing a task, the volunteer must verify they do not possess any symptoms nor that they have traveled recently to locations with larger impacts from COVID-19. As an additional precaution, we strictly discourage face to face interaction between volunteers and the people they’re assisting.

How do we make the helping process safe?

To ensure the safety of recipients, all volunteers are required to follow safety guidelines. These guidelines highlight sickness prevention methods and spreading precautions. All volunteers must follow these rules to participate in a task.

How can I trust the volunteers?

Our volunteers are expected to follow the policies covered in our COVID-19 Saftey Policies. In addition, as they sign up they must affirm to other statements to ensure the safety of our requestors. 

Other Questions You May Have


What happens if I accept a request for a helping hand?

You will be connected to the person who has requested help after learning what they are asking for. From there, we ask that you coordinate with your match to complete the task.

If I sign up, am I obligated to volunteer if asked?

No, if you’re busy, not feeling well, or otherwise not available, you’re under no obligation to respond to a task we ask you to complete. Just respond to our text message and say you’re not available.

What services do we provide?

We currently offer six services: lawn care, grocery delivery, laundry pick up and delivery, general home repairs, pharmacy pick ups, and wellness checks.

How soon can I get help?

Depending on the task, we may provide definitive decisions between 1-3 days after the request is submitted.

How often can I request help?

Helping Hands processes individual tasks. Although we cannot guarantee the completion of all tasks, anyone can feel free to request assistance as many times as necessary. We do not aim to limit the amount of assistance needed.

Can I receive help outside of Bloomington?

We currently only offer assistance in Bloomington. But, please feel free to complete the form below to request a Helping Hand in your city.

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