Need a Delivery?

Sign up to receive groceries you ordered online delivered to your doorstep for free! You will be matched with a trusted volunteer in the community who will pick up your order at the grocery location and then deliver them to you.

How HungerTech Works

1. Sign up for delivery requests!

Start your application to be a regular recipient by filling out the application form above and completing all necessary agreements.

2. Choose your recurring delivery date and time!

Fill out the recipient questionnaire on the application form and indicate your recurring day of the week, time, and frequency to receive your groceries.*

3. Receive your online grocery retailer account!

Once your application has been processed, we will send you a confirmation within the next few days. We will also send your login information to an online grocery retailer account that we made specifically for you.

4. You will be matched with a volunteer!

We will add your scheduled delivery requests to our volunteer platform and they will be able to register for your delivery. Once a volunteer signs up, you will be notified and receive their contact information and the specific time slot they will arrive at the grocery retail location.

5. Login to your account and fill your cart!

Once you receive the notification, you will be able to sign in to the grocery retailer account we provided to make and purchase your order! Make sure to select the “curbside pick-up” option before filling in your cart.

6. Check out and fill in your volunteers information!

During checkout, fill in your EBT information. Select the alternative pickup person option and enter your volunteer’s contact information. Finally, choose the specific time slot as indicated in your notification for the curbside pick-up time. 

7. Send your order confirmation!

You have officially made your grocery order! To finalize your delivery, you must send a screenshot to:

8. The volunteer will deliver your order!

Your volunteer will deliver your groceries to your doorstep! The volunteer-recipient match process repeats depending on the frequency you indicated, and you will be notified if your order was picked up every time so that you can make your next order!




*Please note that the recurring day of the week, time, and frequency that you indicate on the application will be your fixed delivery schedule. If you hope to change your scheduled delivery days, times, or frequencies, either temporarily or permanently, you must contact

To learn more about how we keep our recipients and volunteers safe, visit our FAQ page!


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