Volunteer – Make a Delivery!

Our initiative is supported by the kindness of our volunteers who deliver the groceries ordered by SNAP holders. We simply could not reach our goals without their generous efforts.

How HungerTech Works


1. Sign up to Become a Volunteer!

Sign up by filling out the form and completing all necessary waivers and questionnaires. Once completed, our team will review your application.

2. Sign up for Delivery Requests!

Once your application is approved, you are ready to start registering for deliveries. You will receive automated messages about upcoming deliveries every Monday. Once you register for a delivery, you will be matched with a recipient and receive further details.

3. Deliver your task & help more!

On the scheduled time and day, you will drive to the grocery retail location and pick up the groceries via curbside pickup, then deliver them to your matched recipient! Download our Civic Champs app and “Check in” when you arrive at the grocery store, then “Check out” to let us know the delivery was completed!

Download our 5 star app

Our volunteer app will let you log your hours and let us know if the delivery went successful!


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