Volunteer – Help someone manage their leaves!

This initiative is supported by the kindness of local volunteers to travel to the recipients’ homes and provide support for managing their leaves in the fall. Keep reading to see all the different ways volunteers can support those who need this kind of help.

How Volunteering Works


1. Sign up to Become a Volunteer!

Sign up by filling out the form and completing all necessary waivers and questionnaires. Our team will contact you by email to let you know whether your application was approved.

 2. Sign up for Volunteering Events! 

Once your application is approved, you are ready to start volunteering. You will be given access to the volunteering calendar and choose the shifts that work best for you. You can sign up anywhere, anytime for as many shifts as you want! 

3. Show up and volunteer!

Once you have selected your volunteering shift, you will be notified by email with further instructions. You will then show up to your shift and support a Bloomington resident in their leaf management needs. 

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